Our Quality Policy


Carrying out activities in the natural stone sector, SİLKAR Madencilik’s main concern is customer satisfaction. To ensure this, it is essential to identify changing customer needs and expectations correctly, to give accurate prices, to deliver quality products in due time. We aim for developing products of good quality to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers at the maximum level and thus, increasing our market share and competitive power.

We are committed to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously improve its efficiency and apply viable terms in order to increase customer satisfaction. We ensure that our policy will be a framework for setting our goals and is communicated, understood and implemented across our organization and accessible to the related parties and it is maintained. Our policy supports our strategic direction in line with the goals and context of our organization. We have to work efficiently and use resources effectively in order to become a leading organization in the sector. We can achieve this only with well trained and informed personnel. Collective awareness to provide the best service and quality products to the customers can only be achieved with education and training.

Another factor for our success is maximizing our cooperation with our suppliers, whom we considered as an indispensable part of our organization. While doing this, we should ensure that our work environment and places we live in are kept clean, safe and organized and our relations should be respectful and in harmony. I believe that our employees will make extraordinary effort and work with devotion to turn SİLKAR into one of the most reliable and prestigious companies in the sector.

Our vision;

To become a global brand across the world preferred by the retailers targeting at higher income groups and to become a reliable natural stone supplier of the wholesalers.

Our mission;

Our aim is to provide our customers with competitive advantage with both our retail sales and wholesale business by our unique products resulting from our supply and design expertise as well as providing defect free products and architectural service support by continuously developing our employees.

Brand Commitment;

  • Trend-setting collection products with our own design, not common or imitation products.
  • Production based on global norms and standards.
    • TS EN ISO 9001,
    • CE
    • IQ Net Certificate
  • Eco-friendly production.
    • TS EN ISO 14001,
  • After sales service approach
    • Implementation information document,
    • Training for users,
    • Post-implementation error correction

Our Values;

  • Innovativeness: Continuously developing a new product, design or method is a distinguishing and superior aspect of our organization and this is true for every process and every department.
  • Performance: We do what we do in the most efficient, effective and perfect way. Ethic rules are important for us in every activity we carry out and we measure our performance and look for ways to improve it.
  • Respect for people, society and environment: We value the ideas of our employees and encourage them to take initiative. We try to establish sincere, open, respectful and helpful relationships both with each other and with communities we operate in. We also try to create a green world without polluting the environment.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We try to be honest, fair and consistent in our relationships both with each other and with customers and institutions. We value ethic rules, law, and justice.
  • Customer satisfaction: We try to increase customer loyalty by producing quality products that will satisfy their expectations from a natural stone product at the highest degree and delivering perfect customer service.
  • Open communication: We are open to requests of our customers and we listen to what they have to say.


General Manager


Silkar JV

Doha, Qatar

Silkar Hellas

Drama, Greece

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Production Facilities

Marble Factory - Bilecik, Turkey
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Mosaic Factory - Bilecik, Turkey
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