Our Environmental Policy


Protecting the natural resources of the world and ensuring the continuity of the life cycle of all species is among the indispensable values of Silkar MADENCİLİK. Being a leading company in the natural stone sector with its practices and approaches, Silkar MADENCİLİK undertakes to do the following to leave a more habitable planet to future generations:

  • Complying with national and international environment regulations that Silkar MADENCİLİK has to comply with as well as requirements of related parties,
  • Analyzing environmental impacts of our businesses periodically in line with the “Sustainable Development” approach and continuously improving the same,
  • Starting with the project design process, in all our natural stone production and processing activities protecting the environment, ensuring that these activities comply with our organizational goals and context, reducing their impacts on environment, implementing measures to prevent pollution at its source and implementing recycling methods to reduce waste as much as possible,
  • Efficiently using all energy and water resources required to maintain our activities and taking necessary precautions to minimize consumption and setting annual goals and monitoring continuous improvement,
  • Planning and implementing precautions to minimize any environmental damage that may be caused by an undesired event or emergency occurred during our activities,
  • Increasing environmental awareness and sensitivity among all our stakeholders and organizing training activities to develop individual responsibility,
  • Carrying out activities to create a framework for the environmental policy in order to set environmental goals.


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