SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Stone Bath


Stone Bath

Jonas Lindvall’s stone bath is a representation of the search on varieties of vals quartzite which can be found in nature abundantly. The bathroom was designed for his recent exhibition in Landskrona, Sweden.

The fine-veined appearance of vals quartzite makes it an aesthetically appealing choice among architects and designers. However, its hard, layered composition makes it difficult to work with and until now a few designers have used the stone to create bathtubs from a solid block. 

The designer commented on the project as follows: 

‘’I chose vals quartzite for its expressive quality and its natural beauty. I often work with marble, which is a lot softer and more pliant, so the hard, unyielding quality of the stone was quite a challenge. With skill and diligence of stonemason Rob krieger, we have created a real showpiece of a bathroom. Design exemplifies the raw beauty of nature and the strength of organic materials.’’


Photocredit: Johan Kalen