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SilkarStone 5X3_Kemal Serkan Tokis, KST Architects

We asked Kemal Serkan Tokis, founder of KST Architecture…


             1. How would you describe yourself?

Although we think that the self-definition of people is not very objective, I think I can say that I am calm, productive and determined.

2. The project you say “Yes, I designed it!”?

”Y LOFT” project

3.. An indispensable material in your projects?

              Usually wood and marble

             4. If you had to choose a song that describes your approach to architecture, what would it be? Let's add it to our Spotify list that we will create later J

              My Way (Frank Sinatra)

               5. An architect and project that inspires you?

               Santiago Calatrava - Tenerife Auditorium

Yes or no?

1.Should materials be chosen according to the fashion of the period?


2. Do you use a low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly materials in your designs?


3. Do you ever criticize the projects you have implemented?

Yes, it happens a lot because, for us, a project is never finished, its better state is always questioned. Since my student years, I have not yet said "Okay, this project is over".

4. Do you prefer natural stone in your projects?


5. Is the lightness of the coating materials you use in your projects important to you?

It is absolutely important. I think that the lightening of the material, especially with new technologies, has great benefits, as there are situations that affect our choice, especially in terms of facade load in the buildings we design for many times.

What do you think…

             1. Working from home or working from the office?

             From the office in the hope of not entering the house anymore..

             2. Do you work more efficiently at night or during the day?

             During the day, even the first hours of the morning are my most productive hours.

             3. Do you like working individually or as a group?

             Actually, this is a preference that changes according to the situation, I think that individual work is productive in some issues and teamwork is productive in some cases.

             4. New York or Florence?

             Definitely Florence

            5. Tea or coffee?

             Tea all day except morning coffee :)

Thank you very much for your answers…