SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Sculptural Natural Stone Sink Collection


Sculptural Natural Stone Sink Collection

Miguel Herranz designed a series of sculptural natural stone sinks based on robotic processes to reveal the purity and elegance of the original natural stone blocks whose production is. Bringing a new perspective to sink designs, the collection designed through the concepts of ’’Essence’’, ’’Flow ’’ and ‘’Erosion’’.

''Water and Stone are my inspiration, says Herranz. I work with a creative process that I call conceptual nebula. I realize design ideas and design management practices on the concepts of Culture, Industry, and Society.''

The Essence collection, which changing the standardized shape of the sink, uses basic forms that emphasize the strength and volume of natural stone. The Flow collection, only 35cm deep, makes it an ideal solution for small spaces with a recessed base. The Erosion collection offers a modern aesthetic understanding with its sculptural movement that evokes the natural beauty of the stone and the movement of water.