SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Playful Color Transformation of “Opus Motus”


Playful Color Transformation of “Opus Motus”

Designed in cooperation with Raffaello Galiotto and Italian design office Lithos Design, the installation series "opus motus" consists of marbles in various colors and patterns placed on a circular form plate with a concept of geometric and chromatic effects. The work of art brings together six kinds of marble stone pieces from different parts of the world, such as Spain and Brazil. The observer quickly rotates the plates with the help of a lever where the colors and patterns interlock and create a optical illusion. Designers wanted to explain the transformative power of the natural colors of the stone. Each installation contains a separate set of stones and reveals new shapes and colors to the observe.

The "rose" design includes a pattern that intersects, mixes and dissolves to create new hues.

'Slot',  distinguished by the soft ornaments that are affected by nature, turns into a completely different image.

The fun 'pinwheel' combines four marble colors to create a palette of subtle and delicate shades.

The "lollipop" on the move. shows a different density as the red and green flow together.