SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Personalities Reflected in Marble Vases


Personalities Reflected in Marble Vases

Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti designed two marble vases called 'Introverso 2'. The defining feature of the form is that it reflects opposite personalities. This duality came to life with two surface proposals. The first is designed with a series of stacked contours with horizontal interstices that create a rhythmic pattern of solids and spaces. This combination presents the vase as a rectangular prism of metamorphic rock. The second is enhanced with a provocative snakelike silhouette concealed in the interior. The fragility of the layers emanating from the central base allows users to take part in the creation of the object. Artists may decide to keep the original and raw shape of the marble, or they may decide to make changes to reveal the misleading curves.

Photos: Paolo Ulian + Moreno Ratti