SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Marble Meets the Human Body


Marble Meets the Human Body

Amsterdam-based artist Milena Naef captures the mesmerizing moments when the human body and marble merge into one shape. The holes carefully drilled into the stone slabs provide gaps where human limbs can fit perfectly. The arms and legs bring the body with the stone and becoming part of the same material by blurring the line between the subject and object.

The idea of the existence and absence of the body makes the artist question the dynamics between mental and physical space. Naef says “The marble itself plays an important role in my life, as I was lucky enough to grow up in my father’s sculpting school in Switzerland.” 

In this context, Naef's experimental work described as a project in which she claims to be his physical space and questions the traditional stone carving approach.

images courtesy of alice trimouille, alice trimouille, niek hendrix, lisa-marie vlietstra