SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Lava Stone and Marble Alphabet


Lava Stone and Marble Alphabet

Based on the history of writing, French architect and artist Olivier Vadrot designed 26 sculptures, each representing a letter from the Latin alphabet, to be used outdoors. Lava stone and marble sculptures were designed for a university's literature and human sciences campus in France. The design offers a special interaction area to the users thanks to its abstract forms.

The stone sculpture in the form of the letter O works as a gathering area,  E-shaped acts as a unit to allow different individuals to sit side by side and interact. The U-shaped design allows for more intimate dialogue.

From the Rosetta stone to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the design was crafted around an imaginary ellipse, inspired by ancient French amphitheaters. Most of the pieces are made of Lava stones extracted from the center of France while the smallest pieces are made of marble.