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Laodikeia Traian Monumental Fountain: Revival of a Historic Legacy

The restoration of the "Traian Nymphaeum" (Monumental Fountain) and the statue group of Emperor Traian and Dacian captives, located in the Laodikeia Ancient City in Denizli, represents a special historical heritage that brings traces of the past into the present. Initiated in 2015, archaeological excavations, culminating in the meticulous assembly of 250 pieces, allowed this monument to be returned to its original location, commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Republic in 2023.

Laodikeia Ancient City is known as a significant settlement during the Roman Empire, and the Traian Nymphaeum stands out as one of the prominent structures in this ancient city. The statue of Emperor Traian and the group statue of Dacian captives are essential works shedding light on the rich history of the Roman Empire.

This grand monument was discovered during archaeological excavations in the Laodikeia ancient city dating back to the Roman Empire. Led by Prof. Dr. Celal Şimşek, the team meticulously traced the historical phases of the fountain, leading to a restoration project that restores it to its former glory. Throughout the restoration process, carefully selected stones were processed by an expert team and skilled craftsmen with a focus on preserving the elegant texture and unique character of natural stone. With the aim of preserving the original architecture of the fountain, the stones were meticulously restored, and missing parts were recreated while staying true to the original design.

Following the completion of the restoration, Laodikeia Traian Monumental Fountain is now meeting the modern world. The warmth and aesthetic of natural stone carry the enchanting story of the past into the present. The restoration seamlessly blends the elegance of ancient times with the intricacies of modern design, transforming this historic monument into a captivating space for visitors.

By visiting Laodikeia Traian Monumental Fountain, one can experience the unique fusion of history and natural stone, paying homage to the past while reaching out to the future. Prof. Dr. Celal Şimşek and the excavation team have made a valuable contribution to our historical heritage with this significant discovery and restoration effort in the Laodikeia Ancient City. This ancient city in Denizli continues to offer a unique richness for history enthusiasts and culture lovers.