SILKAR - Marble, Mosaic and Laminated Natural Stone | Alex Seton Draws Attention to Socio-Political Issues Using Marble Carving


Alex Seton Draws Attention to Socio-Political Issues Using Marble Carving

Organized by Unit London, the Platform exhibition series creates a space for artists to focus on responding to a range of social and political issues. In keeping with the program's core beliefs, 10% of all sales revenue from each Platform show is donated to a charity chosen by the artist. Seton has nominated The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, an Australian-based charity that provides food, relief, health and other support to those in need, for her solo show.

Alex Seton's artistic practice combines sculpture, photography, video and installation to examine and give form to problematic ideas and concepts. Throughout his career, the artist has been in dialogue with classical sculpture and monumental techniques and aesthetics. But Seton continually subverts these ideas and reinterprets them to produce sculptures that engage the concerns of contemporary society. Seton's latest work draws attention directly to current socio-political issues, attempting to respond to broader narratives from a more humanistic perspective.


Alex Seton, The Listening Post, 2021, Molong marble, stainless steel, 185 x 28 x 22 cm


Alex Seton's Platform exhibition presents four sculptures and four concrete sculptures that exist in Augmented Reality. These pieces form the artist's 'Personal Monument' series, which continues Seton's explorations of classical sculpture and public monuments. While the artist's work initially seemed to draw inspiration from large-scale sculpture pieces, Seton concentrated these ideas on a more personal scale. Therefore, Platform studies have a more specific narrative.


Alex Seton, Toppling the Monument, 2021

Seton mainly worked with Australian Wombeyan and Molong marble varieties for the Platform exhibition. Working with large blocks of material, he cuts and carves chisels of limbs and other body parts that are visible through the textured and raw surface of the marble. The resulting pieces create figures that are simultaneously trapped in stone and are themselves stones. They pay homage to the historically ignored and marginalized individuals who would not typically be immortalized in public squares.


Looking Good, Feeling Good, 2021

Also, as a result of the Augmented Reality technology of his works, Seton thinks these works can enter public spaces, albeit in unconventional ways. The Augmented Reality feature of the artist's sculptures delivers the artwork into the hands of the public, allowing them to position the pieces wherever they want, apparently bridging the gap between public and private spaces.


A Passive Monument (Letter to the Future), 2021, Wombeyan marble, hidden letter, 124 x 84 x 60 cm